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The Touchpoints Approach

The Touchpoints Approach is based on the work of T. Berry Brazelton, a Waco native, and one of the most influential pediatricians and child development specialists of the 20th century. Touchpoints are predictable periods in development when a child’s behavior seems to fall apart. These are points of change for the child and the family. By joining with parents, early education teachers, health and mental health care practitioners can work together to understand and respond to the predictable ups and downs of a child’s growth and development. Practitioners using the Touchpoints Approach offer guidance and support to increase parents’ knowledge of child development and behavior. Learn who our coalition partners are.

Incorporating the Touchpoints approach into your work with parents is different from a parenting class in that the goal is not telling parents what to do; instead it is listening to what families need and supporting their discovery of what is best for their children. The aim is to build strong family-child relationships while treating the parents as the most important people in their child’s development.

Touchpoints Training

The Brazelton Touchpoints Training Program is a two-day seminar designed for individual health care, early education, and social service providers who want to incorporate elements of the Brazelton Touchpoints approach into their practice setting.

Participants will understand the theories and concepts of the Touchpoints approach, with emphasis on the developmental and relational elements of parent-child-provider relationships. Participants will learn relationship-building strategies and communication tools based on the Touchpoints approach.

The Waco Touchpoints Training Team has trained more than 200 early childhood educators and practitioners. Meet the training team. Check below for upcoming training dates.

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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all trainings have been temporarily suspended. Please check back for training dates.