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Meet Our Waco Touchpoints Coalition Partners

Meet the Waco Touchpoints Coalition Partners

Baylor University’s Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, Child and Family Studies is serving as the lead agency for the Waco Touchpoints Coalition.

• Baylor University, Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, Child and Family Studies (Lead Agency)
• Baylor University, Piper Center for Family Studies and Child Development
• CareNet
• Dr. Keith Warren, private practice psychologist
• Education Service Center Region 12
• EOAC Early Head Start
• Elizabeth Turnage, M.D., private practice family medicine doctor
• Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center Hospital
• Klaras Center Early Childhood Intervention
• MCC Child Studies and Educational Department
• MCC Child Development Center
• Talitha Koum Therapeutic Nursery
• Waco Foundation
• Waco ISD
• Workforce Solutions for the Heart of Texas Child Care Services
• Heart of Texas Workforce Development Board, Inc


Waco Touchpoints Goals:

  • For parents to strengthen their parenting skills and the parent-child relationship.
  • For practitioners to improve in their knowledge and skills in working with children and families.
  • For practitioners to more effectively support and communicate with parents about their child’s development.
  • For our community to understand that relationships and healthy child development lay the foundation for a strong community and build stronger networks with one another.


The Coalition Approach:

  • Changes the focus from what’s wrong, to what’s right;
  • Doesn’t tell parents what to do, but instead listens to what families need and supports the discovery of what is best for their children;
  • Enhances the competence of parents and builds strong family-child relationships;
  • Lays the foundation for children’s healthy development; and
  • Offers a training that emphasizes building supportive alliances between parents and professional around key points in the development of young children.